French Cuisine

French food is one of the most popular ones and it is the backbone of many cuisines globally. The classical French cooking techniques are legendary one; eventually, the French foods mostly depend on the local products. The most commonly used products are Fresh apples, berries, haricot, mushrooms and the stone fruits etc. Game meat is one of the well-known foods, especially during the hunting season. France is well known for its artisan cheese and wine. The northern part of France dishes provide different variety of tastes and their specialties are made using the apples, dairy, pork, potatoes and beer etc. There are several facts about French food and cooking; French people eat more cheese products with an average of forty-five pounds per comparing to any other country in the world. Vichyssoise a tasty potato soup was first invented by a French Chef in the New York City. French cuisine is a unique one along with its nutritious food well known for its therapeutic preparation. It is popularly said to be that French Cuisine is an art and tradition and a unique way of life. Grande Cuisine is a famous one because of its clear presentation and elaborate preparation.