Gite de la Petite Motte

The folks in France should know several things before choosing an apartment. At the initial stage, it is better to get a three-month head start. When it comes to renting an apartment in Paris goes for a typical planning in the earlier stage. The folks can book the apartments for the short term period and at the same time; it can also be extended to three months and six months etc. Next, procure deeper knowledge about the prices per square meter across Paris. Most of the folks prefer to live in a bigger apartment; where some of the apartments in Paris come with the high charge and others are the affordable one. There will be extra charges for things such as water, elevator, cleaning services of a building including the garden maintenance.

Generally, the public transport in the Paris is cheaper one than having the car. Taking the point of public transport in the mind; it is better to find the potential home has X uber good connections. The next step is to download the concerned app and know how it is connecting to the other areas including the offices. There are several modes of stations such as Metro stations, bike stop, and car stations etc. For the folks who prefer the car, it is better to know whether the apartment includes the parking spot or not. The real fact is that most of the apartments do not offer parking facilities which are a great shock for most of the foreigners. France is known for its paperwork, administrative procedures including renting a home. Usually, the owners will not rent the apartment to the strangers for the security purpose.

The documents will be totally different for the long term and the short term rental. The documents submitted to the owner include the passport, insurance certificates and the bank details for all the general people. But for the long-term professional and the long-term student, it differs. For the long-term professional it includes the play slips for about three months, employment contract details including the mission order. In case of the long-term student, it includes the education enrolment certificate and the guarantor’s pay slips including the employee certification. If a person is a student; he/she prefer to afford an apartment it means getting a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who promises to guarantee & for the money. Some of the owners accept the guarantors at the international level but the others won’t accept. In this case, the concerned person has to tackle this concerned one; on criteria of the case by case basis.

If a person is in Paris then guarantor is not needed it is more than enough with the pay slips and the work contract basis. There are two types of deposits such as the apartment deposit and the security deposit. Apartment deposit is a one which is also known to be acompte where it is paid by the tenant after getting the sign from the lease document. This signing process is to officially book the apartment in prior. At the same time, it should be also paid with the first rental payment. There are several real facts that no acompte is needed for the rental purpose under a particular period of time. The folks need about thirty percent of the rent if he/she is staying for the period of three weeks and the three months. One month of rent is needed if the stay is longer than three months. The security deposit is not needed always and it depends on the owner. The security deposit will be back ten days after the departure. In case if any damages are identified in the apartment, the repairing costs will be taken from the security deposit and the remaining amount will be given to the concerned person after sixty days of the departure. It is advisable to read the contract very carefully and any doubts; do not hesitate to ask the doubt to the owner or the agency. The kitchens in the apartments come in the different forms; the cuisine is not an inventory. Usually, the kitchen is a bare room without any built-in cupboards or the electric units. Coming to the point of furnished or unfurnished one; some of the landlords accept the furnished tenancy agreement. Some of the folks prefer unfurnished apartment while others prefer the furnished apartment.

The contracts are also based on the furnished and unfurnished one. The unfurnished contract is a one where it lasts for the three years and it is a renewable one automatically. The furnished contract is a one for minimum one year and it is too renewable one automatically. It is better to know about the agents well in advance before booking for an apartment in advance. An insurance certificate is a must one in order to show the civil liability as the tenant is covered; it can be procured from a French insurer. Most of the contents in the insurance also cover about the details about the civil liability. These insurances are mostly known to be the assurance multi-risqué. Most of the landlords demand the money because of the damages caused in the time period when the person moves out of the apartment; it can be a higher amount or a lower amount.

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Gite de la petite motte FAQs

What is the booking procedure?

When you have to book a flat, then you have to contact an administrative department (contact details available on the website). You have to pay a certain amount of down payment to book a flat.

How to contact you?

Check the website’s contact page; there will be contact numbers and email addresses of the administrative department. Our employees are always there to respond to your queries, feel free to email us or to call us.

Whether I have to pay any premium deposit?

Yes, when you want to buy or rent a flat in an apartment then you have to pay some amount of money as a premium deposit. The money can be paid in person or online transaction.

Does any parking facility available?

We have a spacious parking lot in our apartment premises, which can handle a huge number of vehicles in a one go. Our apartment allows a family to have two cars due to the enormous space we have.

Are there any hospital, school located near the apartment?

Our apartment is located in the downtown; there are numerous schools and hospitals located around the apartment. Due to this reason, the residents enjoy an easy commute to the other parts of the city which are Readily available.

Whether it is nearer to downtown?

Our apartment is actually located in the downtown where there are many shopping markets and other commercial shops are available.

What about apartment security?

We have our perimeter secured with a lot of security personnel round the clock. All the vehicles that play in and out of the apartments. Due to this reason, the residents can enjoy a tense-free living.

Our Amenities

Apartments Facilities

    • Swimming Pool
    • Sun Deck
    • Gymnasium (Apartments located in the Harbour Lights Complex)
    • Sauna and Spa (Apartments located in the Harbour Lights Complex)
    • Private Balcony with outdoor furniture
    • Car Parking (extra charges may apply)
    • Elevators (except for the Beach House)
    • Cot & Highchair hire (extra charges apply)

Family Amenities

      • Playground
      • Close to schools
      • Babysitting/Afterschool services

Apartment Features

  • WIFI (Most Apartments)
  • Austar (Most Apartments)
  • Air-conditioned
  • Private Balcony
  • Telephone
  • Washing Machine & Dryer
  • Bath Tub in selected apartments